Heel board is in… and the subframe still fits! :-)

Seems progress is slowing down a bit, probably because this last part had me stressing, or because I have been at it all week.

So today I got the heel board repair lined up and welded in, it was pretty close to lined up yesterday but I found it needed some additional tweaking. Unfortunately, I learned something I can use for the other side. the 90 bend on the floor pan was slightly inward. I was able to bang it into a close enough position to plug weld, luckily this will be hidden under a layer of seam sealer.

Because I was extra nervous about the subframe positioning, even with my jig, once I had it lined up where I thought is was good I tack welded and plug welded in a few spots. Then mated up the subframe.

As you can see from the images the subframe mated up, I bolted all mounts and didn’t have any unusual tweaking to get it to go on. The camber/toe mounts I have make it some what of a pain to line up as it is.

Next up was to take the subframe down and do the final welding, then refit the subframe to make sure nothing moved after the final welds, one note, the seat base is super thin and I was having a hell of a time doing any kind of welding, hence the ugliness.

Although my progress this week has gone slower than I expected, I did accomplish almost all of what I wanted to do. I still need to do some arch repairs and add the closing panels. That is next on the list, then I’m thinking removing the front scuttle so I can start getting the a post and door step repairs done.

One last picture of the inside, I feel its looking pretty good. Just need to figure out how to remove the old seam sealer….

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