Door Post/Step removed and some other odd and ends.

Not sure if I should do posts for every little status update or do one for every completed section… Currently I just post whenever I finish something and/or find some crazy stuff. Guess its my blog and I get to decide what to do. Either way made some slight progress, I have decided that rather than try to do so much in one evening or day that I would take small bites, I am also trying to enjoy the “journey” and stop focusing on the finish line, what good will it do me to beat myself up all along the way? For sure I know I will be ecstatic to drive it again, but what if I push so hard I over look the small stuff? I will always know its there… and that will eat at me more I think…. anyways, thats not to say I am not gonna try to finish as quickly as possible, just gonna calm down when I hit set backs…. we will call them happy little findings.

So enough about that, people come here to see progress and mini stuff not my ramblings… So last post I discovered a bunch of rust along the scuttle/bulkhead/dash lip. I decided to calm the hell down about it and focus on how to fix it. So far all I have done is wire wheeled the paint back to really examine what I am up against, and snapped some photos from underneath. I then etch primed it and moved on because I will tackle it later and wanted to move onto the door posts. Didn’t get pics of the etch primer but if you look at the underside its actually pretty clean and after I primed I realized its not all bad.

So after staring at the inner wing and door step I had an ADD moment and decided to wire wheel the rust spots on the roof, not that this wasn’t gonna happen down the road but I opened up a hole in the gutter… oh joy… but luckily the quarter panel seems to be untouched, threw some primer on it then I moved onto another task that wasn’t my focus, the bonnet hinge, I drilled some holes on either side and added cleco clips, figure if I do that then it should line up where it needs to be once I clean up the metal behind it. Then I drilled the spot welds from behind. I will probably clean it up and get this side back on later this week.

Ok now onto the door post, I have been dreading this repair since I started stripping the car down and realized I get to do this repair twice (RH side is just as screwed). Luckily Matt Green, this random guy I have found on youtube, has some awesome repair videos doing exactly what I need to do. It has really helped build my confidence to get in there and go to town.

So tonight I tackled removing the door post and the door step, and some other bits and pieces of the inner wing. I was hoping to dissect this side a little more methodically but it seems it too had a previous repair so that kind of went out the window. I still need to do some additional trimming on the door step but I also need to repair the A-post closer lower section. Luckily I know my sill lined up perfectly on the original step so my plan is to get that lined up and work from there. The tricky part is my bracing is now in the way of me doing the A post closing repair, I am not sure if I still need the bracing now that the floors are sorted though.

That is all for now, hopefully the next update is a picture of the door on and opening and closing.

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