Misc button up and moving onto the next big repair….

So after I got the passenger door post/step done I took a few days off, just couldn’t bring myself to touch the car. Breaks are ok as long as I get back into it, its been a slow start but I feel like I am making some progress.

First thing up was to finish up the floor pan and inner wing repairs I neglected to button up when I finished the inner wing. Working under the car tends to be a pain, mainly all the getting up and down crawling under etc. Either way, in hindsight I really wish I opted to do whole floor pans. The front section is made up of a couple layers and it was hard to see whats what, I ended up patching this section like a quilt. Its under the car so I am less likely to care what it looks like as long as its strong.

While I was welding away I decided to weld a seam along the inner wing and the A-post closing panel. I have no clue what this looks like from factory but I like the idea of welding the seam, really helps close the area up. I also added a few more stitches from the A-post closer to the inner wing, cause why not?

I finally cleaned up the bonnet hinge mount and re-welded it on, I am glad I took the time to clean underneath while it wasn’t rotten there was a bit of pitting occurring so I’m sure in time it would have gotten a lot worse. For some reason my cleco trick didn’t work so well (added clips before drilling the spot welds) because the hinges ended up slighly off from each other. I was still able to get a bolt in the mount so I don’t think this will cause too much trouble.

After thinking things over I decided to move down the passenger side of the car rather than jump over to the driver side and do the door post, I think I had enough fun with that for now. So next up was to cut the quarter panel off… and wouldn’t you know it… more rust I didn’t expect.

It seems the B post has a bunch of surface rust, luckily its not too bad to I was able to clean it up with the wire wheel. I will need to weld some holes that were made from the spot welds that pulled through but overall the surface is pretty good. I am surprised it was rusty as there was an oily sticky film all over it like it had been treated or wax oiled, guess it didn’t make it in to the seam.

I did a test fit of the new quarter panel to make sure my healboard closer was in the correct position, the quarter is fitting really nicely so I went ahead and welded the closer in and got the inner sill stiffener fitted up. The sill stiffener is a slight pain to put in with the door step in place. It twists under the door step but welds flat to the inner sill, whats worse is the edge on the inner sill can’t be accessed to weld. I didn’t take a picture but decided to weld a small seam from underneath cause all I could image was the stiffener rattling down the road.

If you will noticed on the inner sill stiffener there are spot welds rather than plug welds along the seam. This is because after plug welding 20+ welds along the door step I decided the cost of a spot welder was worth the trouble… and it works great, need to get used to how much pressure/time to hold them but the spots are very strong.

New Toy ! 🙂

Finally, I hit everything with some primer, seeing bare metal likes to rust pretty fast in my garage, and called it a day/s. Next up will be to repair the passenger wheel arch, finish trimming the rear quarter panel to fit the repair panel, and then decided what I want to do next.

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