Peeling back the layers….Literally

Feel like I was on a roll today, I decided it was time to do the RH door post and step. I figure I can follow the same path as the LH side as it seemed to work out ok. But before I did that I couldn’t help but grind on the B and C post? (not sure what the rear one is called). I cleaned it up a bit but it will definitely need some filler to make it smooth etc.

Next up was to start dissecting the door step and post. I knew I had two layers on the inner wing and that it was going to take some finesse. But before I get into all that here are some before pictures of what I am working with.

Pretty ugly right? well as I started cutting chunks out it only got worse. This is ok I saved this side for last because I knew it was going to be nasty. So I continued cutting chunks out, I figure I would follow the same steps I did with the LH side and use the door to get the post/step aligned anyways.

yes in one of those pictures I am holding an inner sill repair panel that I cut off the car if you look closely you can see the two rivets near the fresh air vent that was basically the only thing holding it at the top. Look further and you will see that the lower section also has a repair the original inner and whats left of this repair panel I cut out… three layers…. three…. My car better be faster after losing this much extra metal.

After I got over all the layers I pushed forward, next up was to trim up the rest of the A post closing panel, unfortunately I did not buy one of these panels. Luckily the dash rail mount is actually pretty solid so I was able to make a repair panel for it. This was after I almost cut the dash rail mount off and started my repair from there. It wasn’t until after I cut it that I determined it was ok to keep, it just needed more trimming. I also just cut a chunk of the inner wing off rather than try to peel the layer back on it only to find the metal was no good, I think I am officially comfortable just cutting random stuff off.

Ok so there was some steps that happened before I made my A post closing panel, I do alright making panels now but I am not that good. I actually bolted the door up with the door step/post and used it to trim the panel just right… A little more on that in a second, slight side bar….

So the RH door I always felt was actually in pretty good shape… and really it is (sorry no pics) it just has a dent in the door, with a crease so I am not sure it can be repaired. There is a little surface rust on the top near the loop but thats all I can see. I have a skin for it and will decided once I tear it down if I will change it…. more on that though, I have been using my DSN door hinges to get everything aligned may as well use what I am gonna run right. The issue with the RH door is the lower hinge actually hits the lip on the door, but I think its just a thick bead of seam sealer, very uniform bead I might add… that when I forced the hinge to open it pulled some off. Not sure why the original hinge had no issues as it seems bigger. Either way I was looking into the door and noticed there is a crash bar… which means if I am not mistaken this door is not original to my 91 which might explain why its in such good shape.

Anyways back on point here So door step/post trimmed and clamped up…

For some reason the door gap on this one is larger, and when I close the gap the door hits the Bpost…. Not too concerned though as this was just a mock up and I just wanted to see it on. the swage line was perfect though so that is a good sign. Could just be the door that is out. the gap was not huge just not as small as the other side.

That is all for today though, I feel like I was on a roll today. I would have pushed forward but I started tripping over myself and making stupid mistakes so thats where I say it is a good time to call it. Leaving with one more photo because this made me chuckle, As I was working cutting the layers away I was apparently just dropping them at my feet, the pile of crap from the inner wing is ridiculous… to think I only cut half of it off, theres still more to go.

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