The pile of panels is getting smaller

I seem to go in bursts with this stuff. I have a really good couple of days then I just don’t want to look at it. Then when I want to work on it I want to do other things… like go mountain biking… which I have done the past two days… and tried working on the car, lets just say I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I keep telling myself this isn’t a race and as long as I stay with it it will get done, the issue is the desire to drive my car again is huge and I am already trying to map out how many weeks of this I have left…. My goal is probably still to ambitious… I won’t say what the new one for the body work is but lets just say it was August… and I don’t see me knocking out all I have left in this coming week.

So last time I was working on the door step, I have finished that part and started dissecting the inner wing some more, I have some work to do thats for sure. So moving right along, first thing was to get some final tweaking done then to prep the panels for welding… and for some reason I took zero pictures of the panels prepped for welding, not much to see make metal shiny hit with weld through primer on sandwiched soon to be unseen parts. I did paint the unseen surfaces with some of the black krylon paint I have laying around because it says rust protectant and I really don’t think it can hurt.

Next up was to cut the bracing out and start welding the door step in. Once might ask why I cut the bracing out first. Simple answer I couldn’t get my spot welder on the lip and I figured if I accidentally cut too much now would be the easy time to fix rather than possibly damaging the door step. But on a scarier note the quarter panel/ whats left of the rear bin got real loose on me. Luckily I had Cleco’d the door step in various spots to the alignment should be ok. This time around I have pictures of my welds prior to grinding and filling some spots. One step that isn’t photographed is the door test fit after a couple tacks just to be sure.

I forgot to take a picture of the posts primed hence why the inner wing panel is bolted up but thats ok. I will say the spot welder has already proved its worth with how quick I was able to get the door step fitted. Wish I bought this for the other side as this side looks much cleaner. I do need to get better at grinding back my welds I keep grinding too much it seems or maybe its heat distortion. Either way the welds will need some filler to smooth things out, I am ok with this not like the filler is hiding rot or something.

I test fitted the door again, I will need to do some additional tweaking once the inner wing is repaired. the door sits tight on the B post but the gap is looking good at the same time… definitely odd.

Next up was to finished cutting out the inner wing layers… I had hoped this side I could leave the floor pan alone, I don’t have that kind of luck. I also had to cut a lot more out of the inner wing because of how the layers were attached. I also cut out the fresh air vent for the heater, I plan on blocking this out as I do not have defrost vents… My center speedo housing doesn’t let them bolt up and every-time I ever tried to use the defrost all I did was make things worse… so yea its getting closed up. Besides I needed to make myself access to get part of the dash pad support out as it was rotten on this side, win win I suppose.

So thats all I had the energy for this weekend. I hope to knock out the inner wing repairs this week so I can start on the rear quarter this weekend. I suppose if I set myself small tasks through the week I won’t overwhelm myself. Plus side though I am finally seeing my giant pile of sheet metal get smaller.

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