Right side done…

Yep you read that correctly… I finished the RH side of the car today… This is gonna be somewhat long so I am going to get straight into it.

So the last update I had finished the RH door step/post and had the door on looking pretty good. Next task was to get the inner wing repairs done. But before I did that I got side tracked and removed the bonnet hinge mount to clean up the rust underneath it and clean up the mount. This side went a little easier than the LH side.

Next up was to fix the dash parcel shelf tray. This tray is a flimsy piece of metal that just holds a piece of fiber board so you can put things like your glasses etc on the parcel shelf. With all that said this repair didn’t have to be perfect I really tried but it was a tight spot and the part that was rotten was pretty complex. Along with this repair I also closed up the fresh air vent for the heater as I do not plan on using it, not to mention I needed access so it worked out this way.

Next was to repair the floor pan where it meets the inner wing. The other side I tried to repair this first then put the inner wing on and that did not work out well. This time around I lined up the inner wing repair and used it to line up the floor repairs. I did it in multiple parts, maybe one day I will have panel making down.

Finally onto welding the inner wing. Once again the spot welder was very useful for this repair, I wish I had bought this thing sooner. not only does it speed things up prep/welding wise but the finish is so much nicer. I will finish welding the top portion once I install the scuttle panel.

Next up was to try the door on again. For some reason this door was really tight at the B post but the lines looked good. Then I had an issue with the door dropping when it was opened. I thought this was panel flex but I couldn’t see any movement. After some grinding and fettling I got frustrated and bent the upper hinge panel forward a little bit and boom door opens and closes like a warm knife through butter. Amazed is an understatement. Either way heres what it looks like, not a fan of the gaps at the b post though.

Next up was to cut out the rear quarter, remove the remaining part of the companion bin, cut out the wheel arch, and then put all new stuff in… sounds exhausting but away we go, but first this is what we were working with.

Then once I cut the rear quarter off you really get a nice look at this arch… and understand why I had to replace the whole thing unlike the other side. This one had patch upon patch. and some fiberglass (I did the glass work just to keep the water out).

Next up was to remove the nasty arch and begin trimming things back to get the new one in. This repair has been a stress point lately as I was trying to figure out the best way to attack this one. So I just dove in and cut the arch out and cleaned it all back to get a good look at things. I have also included a photo of the mess wire wheeling all the undercoating and seam sealer from the arch.

From here I did a trial fit of the quarter panel, arch, and closer to get an idea of how everything was sitting. So far it was looking pretty good. My luck would have it the waist rail snapped off at the weld on the seat back when I went to test fit, luckily it was an easy fix.

Now onto trimming and welding the wheel arch in. I was originally planning to seam weld this in rather than cut the old lip off but I decided to dive into the torture and take the lip off. This was not an easy repair and its actually not complete, I will have to finish some of it when I do the boot floor repairs. I found it easier to section part of the wheel arch off rather than try to get the lip off where the strut mount and seat back were, honestly I think it would have been impossible. Its not the prettiest patch work I have done but it will be covered with seam sealer and undercoating so I can live with it.

Next up was time to fit the companion bin. I didn’t get many pictures of this repair for some reason. I will say it did not just fit like I had hoped. I had to modify the lower section that sits against the healboard, I hope that isn’t a sign I messed something up with that repair. I have my doubts that there is an issue though because I was very thorough when it came to checking the subframe fit etc. I also had to repair a section of the seat back that connects to the top of the wheel arch as it was also a bit rotten. I found I needed to add a little piece of metal to the seat base where it meets the wheel arch. I wasn’t happy with how all this was looking with the bin in, seemed there was an opening that wasn’t there before.

Next after lots of fettling and test fitting I got the wheel arch closer and sill strengthener welded in. I also painted all the soon to be hidden parts with some of my paint I have lying around.

Finally it was time to test fit the quarter panel again, get it prepped, and welded on. I will first say I am not very happy with how this side fits. I feel something was off with the panel on this side, even though its heritage it just seemed to have extra metal in places, and the B post got bent during shipping. I managed to trim the posts a little better this go around so it wasn’t as bad to weld. unfortunately the B post where it meets the door step should have been sanded down before I welded it up. It was an extra tight fit and I had to persuade the lip to the post to get my plug welds on. Doing this caused the lip to look a bit wavy. Hoping the body guy doing the painting can smooth this out with some filler, its not awful but I know its there. Either way here are the pictures.

So that is all for today, it feels good to have the RH side done. Next up was going to be the boot and boot floor… but I need some more stuff for that now after really staring at it. So I will most likely button up the scuttle panel next.

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