Things are moving slowly…

I was hoping my next update would have been of a freshly painted shell. Yet here we are a month later after dropping off the shell and its not done yet. I suppose I need to be more patient… either way I do have some small updates… not many photos of the odds and ends, but I have some progress photos of the shell.

I will start with the odds and end. I have been trying to make sure I finish any little repairs/tweaks ahead of getting the shell back. This way I can focus on reassembly and hopefully make quick work of it.

I decided to strip back the layer of wire wrap/electrical tape (whatever the factory stuff is) on my harness and rewrap/repair/modify some sections. The rear harness was pretty straight forward, I had to undo some bypass wiring that was put in place for the rear fog light but other than that it went quick. The main harness isn’t done yet. very close though the last parts I need the car to finish to determine the distances I am wrapping etc. While I am at it I will be adding relays for the headlights as my headlamp switch was burnt(got a replacement for that as well). I don’t have much of the finished product but I do have one scary photo.

Another project was to clean up the pedal box/swap my booster master over to the new to me not so rusty box…. This wasn’t so straight forward. Both masters I had were to pitted to be repaired… oh forgot to mention that bit my master was leaking into the booster/servo. So I ended up getting a new master cylinder. Then I found the new to me booster was sticking (kind of frustrated as this was sold to me as working, at the time I only cared about the none rotten pedal box). after lubing and trying to work it free from sticking I decided to disassemble and clean everything. I never did find why it is sticking but I ultimately frankensteined together a working booster from my original rotting one (guess the brake fluid leak was there for a while) and the new to me one. After that and a little bit of paint I feel it looks ok, but most of all the action is smooth once its all together.

While waiting I figured now is a great time to get the windows tinted, seeing all the glass is out of the car someone wouldn’t have to fumble around in the car to do it. I went with 32% which is the legal limit for my area, hope this helps with the inside temps.

Front untinted rear tinted

One of my many purchases I ended up getting a skid plate. I figure I would rather hit this than my gear box. I also figured I didn’t want to fumble with the nut when I went to bolt it up or take it off for oil changes so I welded the nuts to the subframe. I think it came out pretty good.

Finally here are some progress photos of the shell. As of now, it has been seam sealed. primed and undercoated inside and out. Still a bit left to go but I am hopeful that maybe I will have it back by the end of the month.

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