Reassembly time has finally come…

After a few months I finally have minibox back at home… well mostly… I’ll get the front end and doors next week. Either way I don’t need those to get started with the reassembly. But first before we get there here she is…

I was originally going to make some kind of reveal with the color but honestly once I saw it I had to share so here it is….. Mexico Blue

Enough staring it was now time to start throwing parts back on it, I had a pseudo plan of how I wanted to attack the reassembly process it started with getting the fuel and brake lines in then putting the steering rack in and finally the subframes on.

Next was supposed to be sound deadener but I got distracted and decided to bolt up the pedal box and install the steering column.

I still need to center the steering wheel itself but I have a new one so I will make that happen then. The new rack attachment was almost 180 out from the old rack.

Then I started to do the sound deadening on the floor. I am not going for 100% coverage I have read mixed reviews about doing that and honestly I didn’t want to add a bunch of unneeded weight. It also helps that I am using both butyl rubber and closed cell foam for my sound deadening. I opted to only put the butyl on the high portions of the floor (aside from the very front floor pan depressions). The idea here is if water ever gets in the car it can’t get trapped under the deadener, technically this shouldn’t be possible either but I figure this saves on material as well.

I feel like I put a pretty big dent in the work today. I plan on tackling more tomorrow, the sound deadening takes time to get in maybe ill get that done.

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