More progress….

Feeling like I knocked out quite a bit this weekend. Still staring at bags of nuts and bolts thinking where do these go? Honestly I am fully expecting to have extra stuff at the end, thats weight savings right?

Rather than diving into sound deadening this morning I decided to tackle the E-brake seeing the floor was wrapped up so I figured why not. I also put in the seat catches as well.

While working on the E-brake I was in the process of clear coating the steering wheel hub. I was originally going to repaint it black after sanding the rust off but decided to clear it rather than do anything else. I feel it came out really good.

Next up was time to stop slacking and get the rest of the sound deadening in. It may not look like much but knocking on panels I can definitely tell a difference. There is still another removable layer that will go in but I won’t put that down until the carpets are going back in. I forgot to take a pic of the roof but it has a sheet of butyl rubber under all the closed cell foam as well. I had some extra sheets of the foam so I tossed it in various places in the car figure it couldn’t hurt.

With all that done it was time to run the wire harness from the rear of the car to the front, and what a pain that was. Once I got that pulled through I decided to bolt up the rear tail lights seeing there isn’t much left to do back there. After that I fumbled with the main harness, still working out what wires go where. I am wishing I took some more photos but I think I have it all worked out now. All thats left to do is clean it up some and start plugging things in.

Thats all for today, feels like its all coming together nicely, found a few more parts I need (go figure) luckily its just clips and plugs so far. Hoping to get most of the electrics hooked up tomorrow so I can test out some of the circuits before I even think about putting the headliner in.

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