Getting so close…

A lot has happened since the last update, making some pretty good progress. The car is almost fully back together but I have hit a snag… wouldn’t be a mini if there wasn’t one.

Last update I got the engine in, I have finished hooking everything up and even fired her up. Started right up like the last time before I tore her down, that put a smile on my face. Also before getting her started I needed to make sure I had my gauges installed so I could watch oil pressure etc. while I was installing the dash I also get my fresh air vent blanking plates installed.

Found a small issue while bleeding the brakes, I am not sure if this has always been a problem but I have a replacement part on the way. While I had the pressure bleeder hooked up I noticed a small puddle over by the brake limiter. Seems it gave up the ghost, it is not an active leak which means it probably spits fluid every once in a while. Either way I don’t like to temp fate with braking components.

you can see where the limiter is wet around this rubber plug.

After letting it idle for a bit to cook the manifolds ceramic coat it was time to start some hell. By hell I mean installing the head liner. It is not perfect by any means but for my first time I think I did alright.

Once I was satisfied with the head liner I added in my rear view mirror and visors. Figured now was a good time seeing the windshield was out and access to the screws is much better this way.

From there I moved onto getting the radio installed and the rear speakers mounted, again an easier job with the rear window out.

Next up was installing the front and rear windscreens. I accidentally nicked the paint on the rain gutter so the decision to install the gutter trim was finally made as well.

From here I figured I may as well finish up with the rear seeing there wasn’t much left. Got the boot lid installed and put some trim and the bumper on.

Finally to finish out the day I figured it was time to bolt up the doors. They still need to be fully assembled. I took them apart attached to the car so I figured I would do the same putting them back together.

Next up is to get the doors put together, the quarter windows installed, carpet, and finally assemble the front end.

Depending on how the day goes tomorrow I might be able to take it for a spin around the block to see how she does.

Once its mobile though I will still have to install the wheel arches, I am not planning on doing that until I get the ride hide where I want it and get an alignment. So for now I will drive it with some excessive poke out.

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