The finish line is so close…

Well I didn’t get to where I wanted to today, but then again I think my goals were a bit too ambitious. I did kick my own ass today but I am only a few steps closer to my first pseudo done benchmark. I say pseudo because there are a few items that won’t get done until I get an alignment etc.

First thing on the agenda today was to get the rest of the glass in and finish out the doors. I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures of the process but heres some of the finished product and what I did take during.

Next up was time to cut the headliner for the dome light. looking back with how the stress relieved on the liner I should have done this before I put the glass in. Pictures make it look worse than it is. I might take the quarter window out and try to stretch some of the slack back. I did have a small panic attack though when I only had two wires for the light… and it needs three. did some fishing and found the third in the rail with the rest of the harness.

Once that was done I decided it was time to wire in the horn and work on the harness for the front. I wanted to have a quick release way to remove the front end. So I bought some 6 wire trailer harness’ and got the first portion soldered and taped up. Once that was done I tested the power at the plug. All the wires had 12 when expected, this means my dim dip removal surgery from the harness was successful. I decided it might be a smart idea to make a legend in my Haynes manual as well for future reference should I need to do some trouble shooting. The horn I got is called a “Bad Boy” and damn this thing is stupid loud.

At this point I was already tired but decided to press on, it was time to finish the interior… well almost, still not sure what to do with the back seat and the rear quarter panels I am leaving out seeing I have to drill holes for arches eventually. I quickly cleaned out all my tools and vacuumed out dirt trimmings and whatever else was in there. The I started with my layer of closed cell foam and got the carpets in, seat belts, speaker pods, and seats. I am not a super fan of the carpet, the tunnel sits somewhat tall, guess this is what I get for going with the cheaper set.

Next up is to replace the leaking brake limiter and get the front end and all the accessories on it. I am so close I can’t wait, today was the first time I sat in the driver seat in almost 8 months and it felt so good.

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