Still have some small things but…

I have been procrastinating on finishing the back seat area, the buckets block it and I don’t sit back there nor will anyone ever lol. Got a few updates, some concerns, but overall good things for this update.

So I was able to get my alignment done, plus side the guy doing the alignment told me I wasn’t far off. Not too shabby for eyeballing the rear radius arms… while they were off the car (go me lol). I got the ride height where I feel it a happy compromise, low enough with no scrubbing (so far). Made some adjustments to the steering wheel drop, it was pretty much riding on my leg. I fixed my electrical gremlin, and fixed the driver side window… I might have messed up the rail install (IE both fell off… oops easy fix though).

Some details on my electrical gremlin, not sure how much if at all I mentioned it in the blog, but I was having an issue where the dash lights and running lights just wouldn’t turn on. If I opened and closed the door they would come on, repeating the same would not make them turn off. Well I was sick of this occurring and really didn’t want to wait for this to be a permanent issue to fix it. After wiggling tons of wires with no success I finally found out the issue was the fuse all along, the holder got loose over the years it seems. A quick pinch and it was good and tight again. Before I was able to poke the fuse and make the issue occur so I am confident this issue has been resolved.

One new on going issue is going to be more costly but I am not ready to spend the money nor is it a huge deal just yet. But I have an issue with second gear jumping out when giving it the business. This was not an issue before the shell resto so I am trying to determine what changed for the worse. Only thing I can think of is I refreshed more items on the shifter that maybe its not making an issue that was there before more apparent. I replaced the shifter rod (old one was bowed), the shifter bobbins, and added a quick release coupler to the shift fork. I also have new engine mounts so I’m not sure it is rocking to pull it out either. I have found If I drive some what normal with my acceleration nothing occurs, only when I got wide open throttle around 5k rpm will it jump out, usually its right before I shift at first I thought I was hitting it too soon. The gear box was on my radar anyways, so I will be plotting and planning, but don’t plan on jumping on anything until the issue because much more of a pain. For now I will just hold the stick if I want to really run out second under load lol.

So now for the best part of this post… I have been driving it a bit now that things are together… and with every ride I am getting my comfort back, throwing it through its paces. Today I finally snapped some non garage photos. I found out my grand in-laws (is that a term?) driveway is actually a great photo spot, gonna have to get some nice spring time photos when the trees bloom. I didn’t take the time to edit the photos, I cropped one but thats about it… Either way, I guess we can call this minibox 2.0 now?

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