Happy New Year!… more updates

Been driving the car as much as possible lately and it has been great. Except for a couple things but we are getting there. 2nd gear is still an issue, I think I have accepted the fact that a gear box may be in my near future but for now I will rock it until its really bad.

So one of the issues I was hoping to resolve doing this resto was the noise, this thing can be almost unbearable to drive with the windows up. Even with all the sound deadening I added it still seems to be the case, but after having another mini friend go for a ride he said my noise was mostly all from the engine bay, here I thought it was due to not having a back seat. Well I just so happened to have a box of extra sound deadener so I put it to use. I will say adding all this definitely helped the noise but cruising on the highway is still pretty loud, small win though so I’ll take it. While I was at it I covered the whole back seat and added some carpet, I think it came out pretty good.

I am still waiting on my replacement boot seal that I hope will allow the lid to close more tightly at the top. I also ordered some rubber engine steady bushings, I previously replaces these with poly ones and have been reading this could be the cause of some of my questionable rattles and vibrations. I hope to make it out to a car show tomorrow so I should have some pictures from that up here soon.

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