Helenblitz and a little change up

Gotta say not having any resto progress to post has been somewhat of a bummer. Seeing I am past the body stuff I need to find new things to write about. Surely some people are interested in things I do with the car now that it is “done” (I use quotes cause it never really is done). Before I do a little short on Helenblitz I figure I would make some comments on slight changes to the blog. For those who look at the whole thing and not just the blog posts (OK so theres not much else here) I will now have a new page for things like meets and other random outings with the classic. Guess we shall see how this goes.

So Helenblitz was last weekend Minibox was the only classic in attendance, I am still working on getting better at taking photos, and by getting better I mean actually taking them. Luckily my wife kept stealing my phone to snap photos while I was catching up with friends. Theres not many but they are pretty.

We only took Minibox on one run but it was fun and scary all the same. It was a small group (6 of us total, the others showed up late and didn’t get in the photo I took). Took some time getting used to the old girl especially with the new steering rack. I ended up with some rock chips on the sills but I figure these things will happen, good thing I have touch up paint.

Ok so the last one wasn’t from Helenblitz but just a drive out to dinner. I found it funny to park next to the Corvettes and steal their thunder. I didn’t hear anyone come out of the restaurant and say ooh look at the Corvettes…. I did hear someone say ooh look at the mini though.

I have some other trips planned for this year so hopefully I will do a better job at documenting with photos. This is a little different for me seeing its spread over days with multiple things not just me sitting in the garage. I do have some updates to add over to the repair section but I have a few more things to do so the post has a bit more content. I guess that is all for now.

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