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Boot done

Well my list got shorter and longer at the same time, not that much longer though. Over the past few days I have been fighting with the half boot, floor, valance, and rear subframe mounts. They all tie in together so you have to play with a lot to make things line up. So whereContinue reading “Boot done”

Scuttle on

Because I am waiting on some panels for the rear I figured I would knock out the scuttle. If you search back several posts to where I cut the scuttle off you might get an idea of why I pushed this off for so long…. Either way I had to take the dive at someContinue reading “Scuttle on”

Right side done…

Yep you read that correctly… I finished the RH side of the car today… This is gonna be somewhat long so I am going to get straight into it. So the last update I had finished the RH door step/post and had the door on looking pretty good. Next task was to get the innerContinue reading “Right side done…”


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