Almost there….

Well most of my parts I needed showed up earlier than expected, gotta say I really love how quick DHL gets me parts from the UK, order Monday night ships Wednesday and I have them by Friday. With most of my parts being here I was able to jump into putting things back together. GuessContinue reading “Almost there….”

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, other times you use another mini to hold down your gearbox.

Super long title lol……Well my plan for holding off on rebuilding my gearbox until this December got ruined pretty quickly. Actually I started buying up parts to rebuild a spare box so I wouldn’t have to have my car down, that didn’t quite work out. What did happen was my gearbox started sounding different, havingContinue reading “Sometimes things don’t go to plan, other times you use another mini to hold down your gearbox.”

Some repairs/Mods

Staying with this split theme, I figured I had enough repairs/mods to write about now. Rather than do a post every time I turn a wrench I figure I will gather several jobs then post about it. With that said all the stuff here has happened over the past couple months/days. I will try toContinue reading “Some repairs/Mods”

Done… ish

I don’t think there is such a thing as done with a classic mini. If Minibox has taught me anything its that there is always something that needs to be addressed, or you just live with it. After having what felt like rapid posts getting the car back together this one comes after a littleContinue reading “Done… ish”


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