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Done… ish

I don’t think there is such a thing as done with a classic mini. If Minibox has taught me anything its that there is always something that needs to be addressed, or you just live with it. After having what felt like rapid posts getting the car back together this one comes after a littleContinue reading “Done… ish”

Getting so close…

A lot has happened since the last update, making some pretty good progress. The car is almost fully back together but I have hit a snag… wouldn’t be a mini if there wasn’t one. Last update I got the engine in, I have finished hooking everything up and even fired her up. Started right upContinue reading “Getting so close…”

More progress….

Feeling like I knocked out quite a bit this weekend. Still staring at bags of nuts and bolts thinking where do these go? Honestly I am fully expecting to have extra stuff at the end, thats weight savings right? Rather than diving into sound deadening this morning I decided to tackle the E-brake seeing theContinue reading “More progress….”


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