Misc button up and moving onto the next big repair….

So after I got the passenger door post/step done I took a few days off, just couldn’t bring myself to touch the car. Breaks are ok as long as I get back into it, its been a slow start but I feel like I am making some progress. First thing up was to finish upContinue reading “Misc button up and moving onto the next big repair….”

Getting close with the door

I had hoped today I could get the LH door on today… but plans don’t always work out. I really need to stop saying there are no more can of worms to open on this car… cause I found another one, not too bad but it took a couple hours of my time cutting piecesContinue reading “Getting close with the door”

Door Post/Step removed and some other odd and ends.

Not sure if I should do posts for every little status update or do one for every completed section… Currently I just post whenever I finish something and/or find some crazy stuff. Guess its my blog and I get to decide what to do. Either way made some slight progress, I have decided that ratherContinue reading “Door Post/Step removed and some other odd and ends.”