Maybe I should have bought a new shell?

So maybe the title is pushing it but honestly I thought I was done for surprises.. now I don’t know anymore. But before we get to the new crap that was found we are gonna go chronologically this time. So last post after lots of trial and error I got the crossmember in… I needContinue reading “Maybe I should have bought a new shell?”

Heel board is in… and the subframe still fits! :-)

Seems progress is slowing down a bit, probably because this last part had me stressing, or because I have been at it all week. So today I got the heel board repair lined up and welded in, it was pretty close to lined up yesterday but I found it needed some additional tweaking. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “Heel board is in… and the subframe still fits! :-)”

The inner sill is in… now onto the next part

This body work stuff is exhausting, whole lot of up and down, measure trim, measure again. Been working the past 2 days on getting the left hand inner sill/heel board, and all other panels in the area cut out and replaced. progress is slow but I am getting there. One good note I test fittedContinue reading “The inner sill is in… now onto the next part”

So then I got my grinder out and started cutting…

ok so maybe it didn’t start with cutting, there was some measuring, staring, thinking… then finally cutting. So where to start? was really hoping the next post was gonna be bam! one side done, but I seem to underestimate just how long it takes to cut stuff off the car. either way, progress is beingContinue reading “So then I got my grinder out and started cutting…”

….And the mini gods said ‘let there be rust’…

I guess I need to have a sense of humor with some of this stuff or I might start crying… progress has been slow, as someone told me this is like chapters of a book I need to keep reading and that is was will get me motivated… well it worked and the evil villainContinue reading “….And the mini gods said ‘let there be rust’…”

Finishing out the forward bulkhead repairs.

So the task this weekend was to fix the driver side damper mount add the closing plates and maybe cut off the windshield scuttle… I only managed to do the damper mount and the closing/finishing plates… sure there is plenty of time left today to cut the scuttle off but I am still waiting onContinue reading “Finishing out the forward bulkhead repairs.”