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  • MOTD 2021
    Gonna start out this will probably be a long post… I gotta cover several days of mountain fun but we will see how it goes. I know everyone really just wants to see photos but we will see how I can make this post play out. The Trip up to Fontana I know what you’reContinue reading “MOTD 2021”
  • A bit sore but its done.
    I had hoped this update would have came sooner, FedEx let me down and my last parts sat in Memphis for the weekend. So I put a vacation day to work and put in the work to get Minibox moving again. I really wanted ample time for shake down testing/extra parts ordering time before MinisContinue reading “A bit sore but its done.”
  • Almost there….
    Well most of my parts I needed showed up earlier than expected, gotta say I really love how quick DHL gets me parts from the UK, order Monday night ships Wednesday and I have them by Friday. With most of my parts being here I was able to jump into putting things back together. GuessContinue reading “Almost there….”

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