Trying to get this thing up to speed

OK so I am starting this blog way late in the game, theres quite a big thread on the Atlanta Classic mini group on facebook. It documents quite a bit of the tear down on the shell resto but this isn’t all I have done in the year and a half I have owned minibox.

The list is pretty long and I don’t think many would care for all the nitty gritty details… heres a quick list of what has been done.

  • Rebuilt the engine: overbored 20 over, minispares evo cam, larger intake valves, roller rockers, med stub stack with foam filter, maniflow LCB with single box exhaust.
  • Converted to a center speedo
  • Added Cobra bucket seats
  • Replaced and rebuilt the rear subframe
  • Replaced almost all suspension components, hilos, protech dampers, minispares camber brackets(actually planning on ditching these)
  • 10″ Mamba wheels

I am sure I have missed some smaller items, like new brake shoes, wheel bearings etc (guess that was me just adding them there, but you get the idea). So now that we are quickly caught up here is where I am today…

Today the shell sits on 4 jack stands with nothing left on it, the front has been cut off and I have already patched some rusty areas. I should add that up until about 3 months ago I had never touched a welder, in fact had my friend not let me borrow his welder I don’t know if I would have ventured down this path. But here I am, I have now welded on the car and honestly I am not scared of it anymore, I know I can weld the car back together, my fear is will it be straight and most of all will it look good.

I am still messing with this whole blog thing and it feels clunky as hell, so please bear with me on progress photos etc.

Guess that is it for now, the photos kind of give you an idea of where minibox was to now, now to just publish this thing and go into the garage for more grinding and cutting.

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