It has a heart again….

Bit more progress over the past two days. Didn’t get many pictures this go around but have made a bunch of progress. So lets get into it.

Monday I had work so there wasn’t much progress to be made I did get a chance to test the rear portion of the harness and my work around for a heater switch (using the rear defroster switch seeing my rear element is dead). So far so good though the tail lights lit up correctly blinkers worked, hazards worked, heater turned on… thinking about it I didn’t try the fuel pump… guess thats for another day.

Next I spent a ridiculous amount of time getting the new heater box in (got a smaller one and the custom brackets I’m running make things tight. No pics of just the heater its honestly hard to see from the angle I took pictures from. I do have a nice one of the lower dash pad installed.

So after the heater was installed and dash pad I spent a bunch of time messing with the gauge wire harness, just wanted to make sure I had everything I needed and was a good time to clean up the previous install I did where I honestly rushed to get it in.

Once I was happy with all that it was time to wrap the top dash rail, I would loved to leave it blue buuuut turns out my welds along the rail were visible and I wasn’t too keen on staring at them, after wrapping the top rail I wish I could have just lived with it but this color is not forgiving when it comes to non smooth spots. So here is that hell, I got most of the ripples out had to put a space heater in the car to help with drying. overall it looks ok, you can kind of see the stages of the ripple and how I reduced it. Also is you look hard at he last photo you can see my speaker boxes semi fitted (needed to drill holes in my nice new panels šŸ˜¦ )

So if it weren’t for being short one rear speaker wire (roll ran out… bummer) I would have had the whole dash done… well almost still need my blanking plates from the body guy. So next up was to put the engine in, seemed like a logical step.

So engine is now in still need to hook up a bunch of stuff but I was running out of steam when I got here.

Plan for tomorrow is to finish buttoning up the engine stuff, maybe get carpet in the car, possibly start her up, all really depends what the day brings. Great progress so far, hoping Amazon surprises me with speaker wire earlier than expected though.

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